Masterplan Leipzig, Undisclosed Clients, Leipzig UpDate 2030

TUNING, School Book, Research Book about School Design Development in Berlin
2018, work in progress

Mixed Use Twin Tower, Mall with Hotel and Offices, Tehran
2016, Ghost Design as direct commission

Diplomat Hotel, Twin Tower with long term rental apartments, Tehran
2016, Ghost Design as a direct commission

FRAGRANCE LABORATORY, Fragrance Shop Chain, First Laboratory For End Users WW (World Wide)
2017, HQ Paris / Berlin

GOOD BANK, Restaurant Chain Roll Out, First Vertical Farming Restaurant WW
Start-Up prize winner 2017 + 2nd prize for Most innovative Restaurant 2017
2016, built

AVUS Race Tribune Renovation, Berlin, first race track world wide
2016 to receive Building Permission, permitted 2016, First Race Track1899 WW Tribune

Villa Lavasan, Lavasan / Client: undisclosed
2016 Direct Commission

ICC International Criminal Court, Competition, Den Haag (for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)

Science Center Hamburg, direct Commission, 
2007 Hafencity Hamburg, Jörn Walter / Bruns Behrentelg, First Ring Building WW

Airport Motel, Concept Design, Client: Virgin Galactic with Philippe Starck, 
2005 Norman Foster gtook over

Vanak Business Center, Mall, Hotel, Offices / Client: undisclosed
2016 Selected Competition, 1st price

Diplomat Hotel, Tehran / Client: Mr. Asadi, Founder - Diplomat Group
2016 First High Rise 5 Star Plus Hotel in Teheran since the 70ies

2015 for Ole Scheeren

High Rise Bazar & Penthouse, Tehran Velenjak 
2014 Direct Commission

Zurich Stierli Quarter, Zürich Oerlikon, Switzerland / Client: Undisclosed
2013 Underground Bunker Art Center

SAB Bank Leipzig, Germany / Client: Sächsische Aufbau Bank, Dresden
2013 Invited Competition, Cantilever Tower

Business District, Prague 6, CZ / Client: KKCG
2012 Invited Competition, Slanting Towers

Underwater Museum 2022, Lusail Qatar / Client: Al Thani
2012 Invited Competition

PORSCHE, Hamburg, Germany / Client: PORSCHE HQ Stuttgart Zuffenhausen
2012 Invited Competition 

Moscow City, International Business Center Tower, Russia / Client: Timur Batkin
2012 Study 

Energy Plant Lausward, Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 Invited Competition, 1st accessible power plant with a Bar inside the turbine hall

MIG / Tupolew / Russian Aeronautic Headquarter, Moscow, Russia / Client: Minister of the Interior
2011 Invited Competition

Akademy Moscow, Russia / Client: Minister of the Interior
2011 Invited Competition

Metro System Astana, Kasachstan, Structoris, HQ London, United Kindom

A101, Residential Block, Moscow, Russia / Competition
2010 Exhibition Moscow, Marc Paulin

House Roquebrune, Monte Carlo, Cote d´Azur / Client: undisclosed (for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)
2009 - Associate in Charge, Team Leader, Under Development

Apartment Monte Carlo, Cote dÁzur / Client: undisclosed 
2012 - Study, Direct Commission

Castle City, Self Sustaining City placed in untouched Nature, Client: Gallery EDF, Brussels
2010 - Solo Exhibition, First 100% Autark City WW Without Streets

Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Client: Paul Dujardin, CEO BOZAR (for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)
Restaurant, Bar, Undergroundkitchen & Club

Laboratory Of The Future,LOTF, Basel, Client: Daniel Vasella with Mark Fishman, NOVARTIS 
(for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)
2010 - DD, Associate in Charge, first laboratory without walls and no cores

IDMC Den Haag, Center for Music & Dance, Client: City of Den Haag / RFQ (for for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)

Cultural Core, Masterplan, Center of Den Haag / RFQ (for for Rem Koolhaas, OMA)
2010 - Implemented

Sharjah Museums, Client: Sheikh Sultan Mohamed Al-Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah (for OMA)

International Criminal Court, Den Haag, Client: ICC / Competition (for OMA)

Library, Birmingham, Client: City of Birmingham / Invited Competition

LIBRARY, Library Research Book: Library of the future, 300 pages (for Rem Koolhaas)
2008 with Rem Koolhaas

Mercati Generali, Rome, Client: SCO (for OMA)
2008 - on hold

Science Center, Hamburg, Client: Hafencity Gesellschaft (for OMA)
2007 - commissioned

Rothschild Bank, London, Client: Rothschild (for OMA)
2006 - built

House Millstatt, House inside and under water, Kärnten, Austria, Client: undisclosed
2004 - built

EXPO 02, Bienne, CH, Client: Switzerland (for Coop Himmelblau)
1997-2001 - built

SCHINDLER, World First Sloping Elevator 1993 + SCHINDLER First Self Driving Electric ELEVATOR