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This city gate was developed to strengthen Hamburg´s science scene and to invite students to get in contact with future industries. It contains laboratories, workshops, exhibitions and galleries, all organised in a vertical ring. This ring offers a 2hour-plot of international cutting edge knowledge, an illustrated status quo of contemporary and visionary science.

Magdeburger Hafen, part of Hafencity, Hamburg.

After the massive delay of Elbphilharmony and the last economic crisis, this site and Hamburg´s vision was sold to an investor to build a simple office block.


Multiple Office Typologies _ All In One _ All You Can Work: Cubicle + Cubicle Farm + Zellenbüro + Three Row Office + Gruppenbüro + Team Büro + Project Büro + Kombi Büro + Büro Landschaft + Open Plan + Action Office + Grossraumbüro + Workshop + Co-Working Space + Business Club + Flexible Office + Non-Territorial Office + Reversibles Büro + Activity Based Workspace + Hot Desking + Hyper Connected Workspace + The End of Sitting + and l.b.n.l. Home Office (the one where sunshine is legal)