In between masterplan and building size. A dense modular construction system with a powerful unobstructed panorama view on higher levels (snake) and an as far as possible untouched forest on lower levels (support-structure). A dense neighbourhood concept, but preventing unwanted and too direct neighbour emission. Panorama apartments with shared roof garden are located on floors 7-11. One factory-floor is located on the lower panorama-level 6 offering terraces as well. Forest-apartments and small-scale commercial space located on L0-L5.


DATA ERROR ARCHITECTURE Data Space suitable for unspecific use. 1250m2 per Level. Redundant vertical and horizontal XY-transportation for maximum rental-flexibility. Western half of floor-plans totally connected and placed on active shelf side. Eastern block free of wifi & data collection placed on relaxing and calm and passive shelf side – i.e. bed rooms / living / spa …


International Criminal Court.  3km of offices are wrapped around a court room core on 5 levels. The requested complex internal organisation is naturally interwoven into the 3dimensional office tentacles. Similar to an airport organization, where a logic between landside and airside needs to separate checked-in people from others, this court building separates the complete internal circulation between the accused and the potential victim. Underground approach with fitness and jail mirror the antagonistic roof garden with lounges and deal making space.